What to Do After You Get Engaged

You said yes! Now you're engaged! So what happens next? The excitement of getting engaged brings with it many questions like how do I respond to the barrage of questions from friends and family or when do I begin planning and what do I do first? We've assembled a short list of tasks and suggestions to help kick off your engagement on the right foot.

Pick the date, well more like month, season, or year
From the minute you get engaged everyone will want to know your wedding date. Realistically you won't be able to pick a date until you've made some other major decisionslike selecting and booking your venue. Instead choose a year, month, or even season you would like to get married in. Keep in mind the average engagement lasts about 14 months.

Tell everyone, but hold the social media
You've found your forever love, this is the moment you've been waiting for, now go share the news! If your parents aren't around when your partner pops the question be sure to tell them first. Then call your relatives, even the ones you haven't spoken too in awhiletrust us everyone will want to hear your big news. As tempting as it may be to post pictures of your ring and announce your engagement to social media, don't! Save your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram posts until after your closest friends and family have been informed.

Get your ring appraised and insured
We know you're ready to start planning your wedding day and getting your ring appraised and insured isn't the most fun task in the world, but just do it! If you have homeowners or renters insurance start with your current policy provider and see if they can insure your ring too. Make sure you understand the terms of your policy and whether or not you are covered if the ring is lost, stolen, or damaged. If you would prefer to set up a separate policy for your ring check out Jewlers Mutual for personal jewelry coverage.

Set up a registry, and do so before the engagement party
Okay, okay, we know you're thinking this may sound gift-grabby or selfish, but it's not. With engagement parties, showers, and well wishes in the near future everyone will appreciate that you planned ahead. Keep in mind that gifts are optional for engagement parties but you're more then likely to have a couple of guests who want to celebrate by giving you something to commemorate the occasion. Registering in advance of the engagement party will prevent guests from guessing at what you want or having to ask before hand.

Set your wedding budget
You can't begin to make any decisions about your wedding day until you've set a budget. Determine if you and your fiance will be using savings or a loan to cover your wedding costs and if either of your families will be contributing. Once you've laid out your overall budget consider dividing your budget into smaller portions and attribute them to certain items associated with your wedding day (i.e. wedding dress, tuxedo rental, postage, reception venue, tips, etc.). If you're not sure where to even begin with budgeting or what things will realistically cost then consider hiring a wedding planner.

Hire a Wedding Planner
Planning a wedding and staying on budget takes a lot of time, know how, and research. Planning in itself is a full-time job so before you begin to plan your wedding ask yourself if you have the time to do so in addition to your existing commitments. If you're worried that a Wedding Planner will take away from the fun of planning, don't bea good Wedding Planner will work with you and keep you as involved as you wish.

Book in demand vendors now
Many vendors like wedding planners, photographers and venues will book up a year or more in advance. Work with your wedding planner or on your own and secure these vendors first. Wait to choose your wedding dress, florist, and other vendors until you've decided on color palette or theme. The venue and overall experience you want for yourself and your guests will dictate the latter.

Zachary Connor